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AEROSIL Fumed Silica grade with small surface area for
reinforcement and thickening RTV-2 silicone rubbr, like for example, dental compounds and self-leveling systems.
Particularly suited for achieving high loading level or improving extrudability
Reinforcement and thixotropy of RTV silicone systems such as sealants or moulding compounds
Same application as AEROSIL 130, but slightly higher reinforcing effect and improved transparency
Most commonly used AEROSIL Fumed Silica grade.
Typical fields of application are : reinforcement of HTV silicone rubber, rheoloy control of liquid systems, improvement of free-flow characteristics of powders and thermal insulation of, e.g.radiation heaters in cookers.
AEROSIL Fumed Silica grade with small average primary particle size, high specific surface area and, in case of adequate dispersion, high thickening and thixotropic effect.
Important field of application is the reinforcement of HTV silicone rubber
AEROSIL Fumed Silica grade with the highest surface area.
Used, for example, in highly transparent polyester resin coatings.