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Easily dispersible all-purpose matting agents; wax treated; particle size; 3㎛. Outstanding suspension characteristics.
Easily dispersible, all purpose matting agent; particle size; 3㎛ ACEMATT OK 520 is especially recommended for clear coats e.g. PU-systems because of the high matting
efficiency and transparency.
Recommended for coatings in which ACEMATT OK 412
may cause drying retardation.
Easily dispersible matting agent with extremely fine
particles in the range of 2㎛; wax treated.
A very high degree of surface smoothness, good
transparency and outstanding sheen which result from the fineness of the particles.
This product is ideal for thin layer coatings and water
based paint systems.
An all purpose untreated matting agent in particle size
range of 3㎛
Untreated matting agent produced in a newly developed production process.
This matting agent with its very high efficiency is designed for low gloss; sheen coatings, e.g.coil coating, roof coating and alkyd varnishes, particle size: 5㎛
Untreated matting agnet produced by a newly developed production process.
This high efficiency matting agent is designed for low gloss; sheen coatings.e.g. coil-coatings. Particle size; 3㎛
Untreated matting agnet. High matting efficiency combined with excellent smooth coating surface; universal to diffenet coating applications; particle size; 2.5㎛
Untreated, easily dispersible matting agent with
heterogeneous particle size distribution, for general
applications, Particle size; 3㎛
An economical, non-treated all-purpose matting agnet; heterogeneous particle distribution; particle size 4㎛ ; for pigmented coatings, in particular coil coating systems, wood and industrial paints.
Treated with a special organic polymer, is a fine particle size silica, especially designed for low gloss radiation curable coatings
A thermal silica without surface treatment obtained by the AEROSIL process; particle size; 4㎛, ACEMATT TS100 has superior matting efficiency and transparency and is suitable for all coatings especially for water-based paints and for finishes/top coats. It has a low conductivity and improves the flow and shelf life of powder coatings.
A new addition to the ACEMATT family based on fumed silica Its specific surface treatment delivers improved haptic (texture) properties along with excellent matting efficiency and high transparency. Very suitable for soft feel coatings.